Stop trying to go from Zero to Hero

The traditional way most folks start “diets” or efforts to transform their health is they attempt to be perfect from the start.  When they fall short of that just a few days in, they quit and they believe themselves to be failures.  They may be inclined to believe that they will never be successful.  

     Something I reinforce with each of my clients when they start and we are discussing nutrition is that it is unlikely that you will figure it out within the first week, the first month, or even the first few months.  It takes time and practice.  

     Furthermore, drastic, sudden change is rarely effective.  Building habits that you can sustain and that are likely to last a lifetime take time to learn and practice.  Case in point:  contestants from the Biggest Loser who made sudden and drastic changes, coupled with unsustainable behaviors (eating little and exercising a lot)…the vast majority of them regained the weight they had lost and then some.  

     In short…the quick fix doesn’t work.  Those who play the long game are those who enjoy the most success.  I often encourage folks with this:  would you rather lose 10 pounds quickly, or would you rather lose 10 pounds that you keep off forever?

     In our Nutrition Kickstart program, it’s about practicing incorporating little changes each day.  For example, eating just one serving of veggies.  Or, don’t focus on getting 10,000 steps today, focus on getting 5,000.  We start small and build.

     For our Individualized Programming clients, it’s not about getting in 5 workouts a week to start.  It’s about being consistent getting in even 2-3 workouts each week.  Once you’re consistent with that and your schedule allows, then go ahead and add a day.  I’d much rather you do that then start off with 5 and then struggle to show up.  

     Main point of emphasis:  Progress, not perfection.  

    Focus on being even just 1% better than yesterday and you will by far experience more success than someone who tries to be 100% from day one only to quit 5 days later.  An excellent book to read on this topic is James Clear’s “Atomic Habits.”

     A key belief/mantra within Opex Fitness is “reward the pacer.”  The rewards are greater for those who start slow and gather momentum and subsequently have the energy to finish strong at the end.  

     In closing, my encouragement for you is to start small, start with something challenging but able to be accomplished, and just put in the work on that.  When it is happening consistently and without much effort, go ahead and add in another small task.  Be OK with it seeming as though not much is happening because in time, you will one day be surprised at how much you have accomplished.  

You can do this.  I believe in you.

Your friend in health and fitness,

Coach Candice

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