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Dr. Candice G. Dutko, DNP, MS, RN


Fitness Accomplishments:
CrossFit Ironman finisher Olympic weightlifter Strong(wo)man competitor Triathlete Ultramarathon finisher Why I decided to become a coach I am fortunate to have had my life improved through fitness and taking charge of my health, and I would like the opportunity to inspire and support others to do the same. I believe I am a great example of how it is never too late to start your journey. Although I played volleyball in high school, I wasn’t outstanding and don’t really come from what I would consider an athletic family. Fitness has really helped me get more out of life. I don’t really think that before I incorporated fitness into my life and focused on caring better for myself, that I realized what I was missing out on. With my fitness adventures, I have been up and down nearly the entire East Coast with my travels. My daughter is fortunate enough to come along for many of those and I am proud of the example that I am setting for her that anything is possible if you set your mind to it and put in the work. I would love for people to experience the same great fulfilling life that I have…and it doesn’t need to involve competitions/races…but even just the general feeling of well-being day-to-day and feeling confident that they can go about their day without aches and pains and just feel good knowing that their body is capable of nearly anything. As a Registered Nurse, I have seen too many people lead a poor existence due to poor health choices and I know it isn’t a life I want to lead. Having worked in hospitals for 9+ years, I would love to help people stay out of the hospital. As a Coach, my goal is to create a fun, comfortable environment for people to explore their fitness and gain more confidence in themselves that extends beyond the gym. Some of my favorite people to work with are those that are new to fitness. I love seeing them have those moments where they do something they never experienced before or just walk away proud that they lifted some weights. I love helping people feel more empowered and stronger (mentally and physically) than before they met me.

Kathie Bilbow


Certifications CrossFit Level 2 Trainer USA Weightlifting Coach FMS L1 NESTA Certified Functional Movement Specialist

Mark Walters


Background I’ve been in the gym since an early age trying to get stronger for football, but once my playing career ended my goals changed. In 2021 I picked up powerlifting because I wanted to compete in a sport again. Fast forward to July of 2022 where I competed in my first competition, then in December of last year I competed in my second competition. This past March I competed once again but this time taking home first place in my weight class. During this journey I loved helping others out and seeing them succeed, so once the opportunity came for me to come help Candice out it was a no brainer to take the opportunity.

Brandon Farmer


I’m Brandon Farmer, local resident of Mountain Top. I have 9 years of experience coaching youth athletics as well as 3 years experience as a personal trainer. I have a degree in Health & Physical Education & Exercise Science. Through the years of training and coaching, I’ve learned that the most valuable lesson I can offer is that not every day is going to be easy, not every day is going to be fun, but you’re going to see improvement every day as long as you show up and try. You don’t need to come to the gym with experience, just a little determination for progress.

Lisa Chulock


I was an athlete my whole life and in 2019 I decided to teach group fitness classes. In 2020 I did live virtual classes and when I got back into the gym, I realized how much I loved teaching and helping others learn how to workout and push themselves. I am working on becoming a personal trainer to continue helping others with their fitness goals.

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