Look Beyond the Scale

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If you use the scale as your main determinant of progress…it’s unlikely that you will feel as though you are succeeding. 

Before many people see the number on the scale move, progress will often be evident in other ways.

People will often experience the following:
– increased energy levels
– improved sleep
– clothes fitting better
– improved digestion
– less daily aches & pains
– activities of daily living such as going up the stairs or bending over to tie shoes becoming easier
– more activity tolerance such as being able to walk longer
– improved mood

…all before they ever see the scale move even a pound.  

My encouragement for you today:  recognize the number on the scale as but one piece of data in your health and fitness journey…but also know it’s not necessarily the best.  

Your scale weight can be so finicky day-to-day.  As a result, it is important to have other progress indicators that are much more meaningful.  

The client who made this comment has A LOT to be proud of.  She is moving better now than when she started, is getting stronger all the time, learning new skills, and is starting to see muscle definition where she hadn’t previously.  

How is she doing it?  She is learning to improve her nutrition through our nutrition kickstart program and she strength trains three to four days per week (3 with us and 1 session at home when her schedule allows).  

It really is that “simple.”  I didn’t say “easy.”  Too many folks over-complicate the process when striving to improve their health or fitness.  

Start with the simple stuff and you will make progress faster than the folks who try to complicate it ; )

You can do it.  I believe in you!

Your friend in wellness and fitness,

Coach Candice

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