A client of ours is down 15 pounds!

Too many times, people get wrapped up in the scale.  

Yes, sometimes for health purposes, we do need to be mindful of the overall number on the scale.  We can’t necessarily ignore it.  

However, focusing on non-scale victories can often support behavior change through healthier habits and a healthier lifestyle which ultimately helps accomplish weight-related goals.  

Before we ever checked in on her weight, she had reported coming off one of her blood pressure medications.  Within a few weeks of starting at the gym, her movement improved as well as her ability to do well throughout a session.

No drastic changes.  No sweeping changes.  Just little things day in and day out helped her accomplish these improvements in her overall health in just 6 weeks.  

When I left healthcare to form a service truly committed to people improving their health, accomplishments such as these for one of our clients were the outcomes I desired for my clients.  

She is not the first person we have helped improve a lab value for, or helped to reduce or eliminate a medication need for.  She won’t be the last either!  

The next person can be you!

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