Improving fitness and nutrition? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

At least, that is what most people say.  

Time, followed by motivation, is a challenge most people identify as a barrier when it comes to adopting better fitness or nutrition practices.  

Precision Nutrition published a great guide called “7 Effective Ways to Make Time for Exercise and Nutrition.”  I posted this to our Facebook group last weekend, but here it is for you:

In this video that I posted to YouTube, I addressed Strategy 1:  Ask yourself “why?”

Better understanding your “why” will help you with the rest of the strategies.

Some key takeaways:

  • your “why” needs to only make sense to you – no one else
  • to truly better understand your “why,” ask yourself “why” at least five times

Why is it important to know your “why?”

  • helps with your motivation.  It helps your efforts around exercise and nutrition have more meaning to you.
  • helps with prioritization.  When it is meaningful to you, you are more likely to prioritize it in your life.  

I’d love to hear more about your “why!”

Your friend in health and fitness,

Coach Candice