Today’s action step: Commit to something

Knowing where you want to go helps you plan the path you need to get there

Something that helped me early on in my weight loss and fitness journey, was being signed up for something.

Maybe I was signed up for a run, a race, or a CrossFit competition.  Whatever it was, I was working towards something.  

My encouragement for you today is to sign up or to commit to something.  

Perhaps it’s signing up for a 5K, or wanting to run a mile without stopping, or being able to walk a mile in 15 minutes or less.  Start with something!  Doesn’t even have to be running or walking!

Maybe it’s reduce your blood pressure medication or lower your A1C.  Set a goal and give it a time frame.  The time frame should be realistic, yet challenge you to truly commit.  

Next step after that…share that goal with someone.  Maybe even post it on social media.  When we share our goal with someone, it adds a level of accountability.  

Having a goal also helps us make better decisions that align with that goal.  A part of us has to become “the person” who accomplishes that goal.

For today’s example, let’s use the goal of walking a mile in 15:00 or less.

A person who has created this goal for themselves might choose to have an extra serving of vegetables today instead of a bag of chips.  

A person who has created this goal for themselves might go for a 5-10 minute walk tonight before they sit down for the evening.  

A person who has created this goal for themselves might go to bed 10-15 minutes earlier to help their body get the rest it needs.

A person who has created this goal for themselves might just drink an extra glass of water today instead of a soda with their lunch.  

The next step then is to strive for consistency in making these better decisions.  

Note:  I didn’t say perfect. I didn’t say strive for perfection.  The goal is to make more decisions in favor of accomplishing your goal versus decisions that don’t support accomplishment of your goal.

Now, I want you to post that goal where you will see it often.  Write it in your daily planner, put a post-it on your bedroom mirror.  Wherever you choose, let it be something you see nearly everyday.  

Down below, I will share with you how I am utilizing this practice for myself!

IMG 4104

Personally speaking, I have four main goals I am working towards right now.

One of those is to get a new personal record (PR) on my 1-mile on the Air Runner.  My goal date to test that out is September 2nd.  I did my first formal workout towards that goal today.  In my Monday running workouts, I have that goal noted.

In alignment with the goals I have for myself, I ensured I fueled appropriately today, I hydrated for today, and I went to bed at a good time last night.  These are just a few of the practices I have in place to support my goal. 

Lastly, my homework for you today:  set a goal for yourself.  I’d love to hear about it!  Respond to this email and share it with me.  If you go as far as posting it on social media, feel free to tag me in it!

Need help establishing a goal.  I’d be happy to help you with that too!  Just ask : )

Your friend in health and fitness,

Coach Candice 

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