What is Remote Coaching?

What is Remote Coaching

Many people often think they must live near a particular coach or gym to benefit from their services.  In some circumstances, that is absolutely true.  For some, remote coaching is an excellent alternative.  

Remote Coaching allows you to tap into the expertise of a fitness professional without being limited to where they are geographically in the world.

Coach Candice has been a remote coaching client with a coaching service since September 2019. Her first coach resides in Mississippi and her current coach resides in Puerto Rico. Through remote coaching, she has been able to receive support, direction, guidance and feedback on progress towards her goals, without having to portion out more time from her day to travel for the same resource.

Day-to-day communication and performance feedback occurs through the CoachRx app and a face-to-face meeting is conducted at minimum monthly via Zoom to address areas of concern or issue more deeply.

Coach Candice is proud to offer this service to clients who’d like the opportunity to work with her, but don’t quite live nearby or have the time available in their schedule to travel to the gym.

To learn a little more about it, you can click here to be directed to that portion of the website.

Your friend in wellness and fitness,  

Coach Candice