Sorry, not sorry…we aren’t TikTok stars: Professionals vs. Influencers


Navigating the fitness realm, it’s crucial to discern between influencers and dedicated professional coaches.

As professional coaches, our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering tangible results for all of our clients, steering clear of self-serving fame or hasty gains.

While influencers tend to prioritize self-promotion, we are firmly devoted to designing personalized programs that authentically align with your aspirations.

Our focus lies not in bolstering follower counts but in propelling you towards your fitness objectives with precision and care.

Opt for a coach who champions your success above all else, for true progression in your fitness journey demands a mentor dedicated to your growth, not their online presence. 

Whether your fitness journey starts via personal training, semi-private coaching, group classes, or remote coaching, we are here to support you whatever your starting point might be. 

Your friends in wellness and fitness,  

Coach Candice and the team at Achieve Wellness & Fitness