My Challenges with Body Positivity

There is a topic I have wanted to write about recently and then an old post showed up in my Facebook memories from October 21, 2022. In that post, I reflected a bit on my challenges with my body image. Below is the content of that post and the photo I shared.

IMG 8495

“When I planned this photo, I shared with Bri Lamoreaux that even tho I’d have her take it, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to share it, but will have her take it because perhaps my message would encourage someone else who is struggling with the same thing.

Honesty moment…I struggle with some aspects of the’body positivity’ movement because I believe it can somewhat at times make people feel bad for wanting to modify their nutrition & exercise to improve their health because such changes are aligned with ‘diet culture.’ I can still find love for my body & what it can do while at the same time recognizing I still would benefit from making changes to improve my health.

I don’t support ‘diet culture’….I don’t exercise to ‘burn calories’…I don’t exercise to ‘burn off that last meal.’ I don’t feel as though I am trying to ‘shrink myself & take up less space in this world.’

I focus on fueling to support my performance & feeling my best day to day. I exercise because I enjoy it & it makes me feel good…and regardless of my size, I’m worthy of whatever I want in this life & I know what I bring to the table.

I don’t post anything about my journey to receive comments or affirmations (I can care less if anyone comments)…but instead to perhaps inspire someone else who is maybe struggling with the same thing & is quietly sitting there wondering if only they feel a certain way…the same way so many people have inspired me when they share their own stories/experiences.”

The post was timely as I still struggle with some aspects of my body that I’d like to see be different. It’s a work in progress. However, I am pretty darn proud of what my body can do. I continue to get stronger and develop new skills and surprise myself all the time!

In circumstances like these, I figure I have two choices. I can stop working towards my body composition goals out of frustration with how I have not yet achieved my goal. On the other hand, I can continue to move forward and do my best on any given day (and my best looks different on different days) and work towards the goals I have for myself. One option guarantees I won’t be successful, the other option means I will be successful at some point.

The time will pass anyways. I may as well find joy in the journey and explore all that my body is capable of : )