MOPs can Make a Difference

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A simple strategy that has made a big difference

This isn’t an blog post about cleaning, I can assure you that. Besides, the only “cleaning” I am good at involves squat cleans and power cleans!
   To provide context about the content of today’s blog post, please allow me to share some background information.
   I was listening to a podcast about two weeks ago where Patrick Payton interviewed CrossFit athlete, Arielle Loewen (episode linked below). For those who may not know her, she took 3rd place at the CrossFit Games last year and earned herself the title of 3rd Fittest Woman on Earth. She was also the only American woman on the podium and as a result, is the fittest woman in America!
   I am inspired by her as a person more than I am her fitness accomplishments. She has some pretty sweet fitness accomplishments though! I appreciate that she is a Mom to a daughter and also feels strongly about her faith. Although I have never met her in person, she seems to be one of the humblest, most down-to-earth people.  

Patrick Payton interviews Arielle Loewen, 3rd Fittest Woman on Earth 2023

Within the podcast interview, she discussed a period where she felt somewhat lost. She had goals for herself that didn’t quite come to fruition when she thought they would. She shares how some collaboration with her worship group helped her find guidance and clarity for her life. 
   One practice she mentioned instituting was 48 MOPS, or 48 “minutes of prayer.” She said there was no significance to the 48, but said it was just a number that they picked. 
   Listening to that got me thinking about how I could incorporate the same practice into my daily routine. I do enjoy taking the time to sit down and read my Bible, but sadly, I had let that practice slide in recent months as my business kept me busy. It has bothered me a little that I wasn’t prioritizing this like I had in the past. I kind of felt like I was putting everything else before a little time with God.
   Although I don’t know that I am fully prepared to commit to 48 minutes a day, I felt as though I could start with 10 minutes of prayer each day and increase by two minutes each week. I use that 10 minutes with no device screen open to read my Bible or another devotional or to simply just talk with God. I don’t always get to it as one 10-minute sit-down and more often than not, it is 5-minutes twice per day.   
   This practice has helped me feel tremendously better and it has only been a week.
   I have felt more focused in my daily work. I have journaled in a book project of mine twice this week, whereas I haven’t reflected in there for months. My sleep has improved over the past week. My mind has felt more relaxed and positive. I have felt wonderful in my workouts.
   I attribute this to simply taking 10 minutes per day to quiet my mind and focus on God. 

But what if I don’t believe in God?

I do recognize that everyone is at a different place in their faith journey. I completely get it and at one time struggled too. I actually wrote about it in my book. (Click the button below if you’d like to check it out). 
   For those who may be challenged by faith or religion, I believe this practice of 10 MOPs can easily be, 10 “Minutes of Peace” each day. Again, no device screen open, take 10 minutes to do something peaceful for yourself. Maybe that is journaling for 10 minutes about different thoughts on your mind. Perhaps you read an inspirational book for 10 minutes. For some, it might just be sitting outside with the sun on your face listening to nature. 
   Similar to what I mention up above, don’t hesitate to break it down into two 5-minute peace periods or even three 3-4 minute periods throughout the day where you just allow your mind to be quiet. Our minds are constantly taking in some much information and noise that we would benefit from just taking the time to slow down and be still. 

In Closing

   My encouragement for you is to give this practice a try in a way that aligns best with you.
   There is minimal risk to giving 10 MOPs a try this week. It costs you nothing. Worse comes to worse, it was just 10 minutes of your day. 
   Next week, I’d love to hear your reflection on whether you feel it has made a difference for yourself. Feel free to also share if it didn’t make a difference. 

Your friend in wellness & fitness,

Coach Candice