Exercise is Medicine

Using your Healthcare or Flexible Spending Account to Pay for your Gym Membership

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CoachRx, the app/software we use to support our coaching with our clients, recently partnered with a company called True Med.

True Med is a service that consults with you regarding your health background and subsequently writes a Letter of Medical Necessity supporting utilization of your gym membership to support your health goals/metrics.  The client then provides that letter to their FSA/HSA and with their approval, you can then submit your monthly gym membership fee to your FSA/HSA for reimbursement.  

Availability of this service comes at a great time!  Many folks might already have an HSA/FSA and have funds they need to use up before the end of the year.  Others, with Open Enrollment coming up through their employer in the next few months, now have an opportunity to have some funds set aside pre-tax to support their membership in a gym.  

How it Works

From True Med:  “How does it work for your clients? Fitness counts for HSA/FSA spending with a note from a doctor. We make this process seamless: Our link takes clients to a healthcare survey. A doctor on our side reviews this survey asynchronously and emails a Letter of Medical Necessity to clients that enable them to reimburse fitness. TrueMed handles all questions and customer support.  Each letter enables your client to reimburse payments for a year (potentially saving them thousands of dollars).”

I provide you with my link and you follow the above steps.  

TrueMed will charge $30 (normally $60, 50% savings exclusive to CoachRx users) for each Letter of Medical Necessity issued. 

For My Current Clients:  If you have been with us for three (3) months or greater, Achieve Wellness & Fitness will cover the cost of your Letter.  If you have an HSA/FSA and would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please reach out to me and I will provide you with my designated link to get started.  If you haven’t been with us for three months yet, please view the policy/procedure below for new/prospective clients.  

For Prospective Clients or others who might want to take advantage of this opportunity to support their joining of Achieve Wellness & Fitness, or perhaps use it at another gym, the up front fee is $40.  This covers invoicing and money lost through processing fees. 

The only way Achieve will refund you the $40 is if you choose Achieve Wellness & Fitness as your gym of choice for semi-private coaching/programming and stay longer than three months.  The $40 will be credited to your monthly membership cost in the fourth month. 

Even if you don’t join Achieve Wellness & Fitness, but you utilize our link for the service, you are still saving $20.    

* For remote clients, it is unclear at this time whether this program would cover coaching services.  However, you can still utilize True Med to pay for the gym membership where you do workout.  

Coming from a healthcare background, and knowing how much moving in the gym supports your physical and mental health, I am really excited about this opportunity!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Call Candice today at 570.704.6794!!