A Meal Prep Idea for You!


A recent meal prep recipe I enjoyed!

Second time I have made this.

First time I made it, I was using up some chicken breast that my husband bought and wasn’t eating. I didn’t want to see it go to waist, so I threw some things together with it.

In an effort to sneak more veggies into my day, I added half a bag of kale. Can’t say I am a fan of kale raw, but I don’t mind it cooked.

I like the micronutrients mushrooms have to offer and dumped some of those in too.

Lastly, I like the bone broth for some added flavor and protein.

Plopped it all in a crock pot overnight and it was ready in the morning.

Barely any work on my behalf and voila, 4 meals!

A recipe that was at first an experiment…and I ended up liking it!

Just under 1 1/2 lbs of chicken Made 4 servings 40g of protein per serving

Lessons to be learned

  • you learn through experimentation. You don’t know until you try!
  • with protein, it’s not always about many sources, but sometimes about a larger serving of one source, in this case, chicken.
  • prepped meals make healthier decisions day to day easier. I didn’t have to think about what was for lunch/supper for 4 days.
  • just because you don’t like a vegetable in one form doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed when it’s cooked differently.
  • you don’t need recipes with tons of ingredients for them to be tasty. This was 4 ingredients
  • meal prep doesn’t have to be time consuming. This took me less than 5 minutes to slap together and the crock pot did the rest of the work (while I was sleeping!).

Take this recipe idea and tweak it to your liking!

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