What if…works both ways

Far too many folks devote the majority of their thinking to negative patterns. 

One of the greatest gifts is that of imagination. Yet, so many folks use that gift for pessimism.

I’m here to remind you that when confronted with a challenge, you do have the ability to use that same gift to imagine positive outcomes.  

Instead of thinking…”what if I try to start a new way of eating and I mess up again?”
Consider this: what if you make the effort to learn a sustainable way of eating and it is something you can do forever and you are successful?!

Instead of, “what if I join the gym and I don’t like it?
Consider this:  what if you join the gym and it is one of the best gym experiences you have ever had?

   Just like any muscle takes time and effort to develop, the “positive thinking muscle” requires the same.  It’s likely some negative thought patterns have had some kind of survival benefit.  For example, we avoided some questionable areas because there might be a bear or other animal that could harm us. 
  I also won’t say that there isn’t some role for considering potential challenges in our path.  Prior to big races, I have paused to consider some circumstances that could get in my way of a successful race.  I might stop to think, “what if I get a flat tire on my bike?” OK…might not be 100% able to prevent that, but I can be prepared with a spare tire and tools to repair it. 

Then I move on.  I can’t dwell there.

Let’s go back to my first example:  “what if I try a new way of eating and I mess up again?”  Consider this:  you are human and you will make mistakes and perhaps it is your perfection or all-or-nothing mindset that is holding you back.  As long as you are striving to adopt a sustainable way of eating, and not an approach that eliminates all of the foods you enjoy, accept that you won’t always be perfect and that you will make mistakes.  Acknowledge that these are opportunities for learning.  When you go through a rough patch, instead of reflecting on how you feel you failed again, shift to “what can I learn from this to help me be just a bit more successful next time?”

Notice, one pattern of thought supports you making progress and the other pattern of thought keeps you exactly where you are at or pointed in the direction of getting worse.  

Let’s consider the gym example:  “what if I join the gym and I don’t like it?”  So much to consider here as there are many reasons why one might not have a positive gym experience.  The beauty of choice is that you can continue to look for one that does suit you!  We are blessed with the freedom of choice and there are a number of options out there today.  You are only limited by your willingness to find one that is a good fit for you. 

Although I provided a nutrition and a fitness example, this thought process can be utilized in many areas of your life.  You are only limited by your imagination.  

When I sign books that people have purchased from me, I often write in there:  “Believe and Let it Be Possible.”

In closing, my encouragement for you today is to start using that ability to question “what if?” in a positive way.  Maybe a comedic example of this is Jim Carrey’s movie, “Yes Man.”  He started saying “yes” to many things he would have typically said “no” to, and it opened up a whole new life experience for him…for the better.

Move beyond, “what if it doesn’t work out” to “what if it works out better than I could have imagined?”

You can do it.  I believe in you : )

Your friend in wellness and fitness,’

Coach Candice 

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