Wanna learn how to climb a rope?!

A fun skill some of our clients have enjoyed learning how to do is to climb a rope!

We like to simplify it by saying it involves a lot of standing on your own foot, over and over again…but it does require some grip strength and coordination work.  

One foundational skill for a future rope climb is going from laying to standing as you pull yourself up the rope.  For an example, view my short YouTube video here: 

Next, we work on the footwork with the assistance of a box.  This way, we can focus on the feet while not necessarily having to focus so much on the hands.  You can see an example of that here: 

 Another grip builder, but also a strategy for working on the hip and core strength for pulling the feet up is to do a hanging knee tuck while hanging from the rope.  We combined that with a laying to stand rope climb.  Here is an example of that here:

Lastly, it takes weeks to months of consistency with these movements and working on strength overall and one day, it all comes together! 

What is a skill you have always wanted to learn how to do?!

Our Individualized Programming clients have the opportunity to work on these skills if they so wish.  

We also offer Personal Training skill sessions where you can work 1-on-1 with a Coach and focus on a skill that you are interested in attaining or improving.

A great place to start is to schedule your free consultation, your No Sweat Intro! 

We’d love to learn more about you and your goals!