Tuesday Testimonial

Helping people have direction in the gym

Molly test

The great thing about Crunch and other similar places: access to a lot of equipment.

However, it is only great for those who know what to do with it.

Unfortunately, many people miss out on getting the most out of their membership in such places for a few reasons:

  • they walk in without a plan
  • they are unfamiliar with how to perform exercises
  • there is no accountability. As long as your card goes through each month, they don’t check in on you to see why you haven’t been to the gym.

We help fill those gaps for people with our service.

With options for those who want to work out at home, at a gym close to their home, or with us here in our gym, we help people optimize the time they have available to workout which helps them achieve their goals faster.

Our clients

  • have a plan for each of their gym sessions, whether they workout at home, Planet Fitness/Crunch, or with us in-person
  • we provide guidance, education, and feedback on form
  • we are invested in your progress and are here to encourage you.

We are here to meet you wherever you are at. Book your No Sweat Intro, our FREE consultation today, and we’ll help you move forward.