Get Action!

post partum depression

This comes from a wonderful conversation I had with a colleague recently.  

The topic of depression came up, more specifically postpartum depression. 

He mentioned having heard or read a while back, when faced with these mentally challenging times, we need to “get action.”

I mentioned this conversation in a recent social media post and also posted the same video to my YouTube channel:

When we are having these “down” times, our tendency is to want to just stay still.  It is hard to find the desire to want to do anything. 

In those circumstances, it may very well prove useful to “get action” or to get moving. 

In light of our newest offering at Achieve, Dumbbells and Diapers (a class for Moms with babies 6 weeks to 6 months old), I have been reading a bit more about postpartum depression.  I came across an interesting article about how exercise has been shown to positively affect pregnant and postpartum women, with a specific focus on postpartum depression. 

Some significant points:

– “The recommendations for general health outlined by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology establish that pregnant and postpartum women without complications should participate in at least 30 min of moderate intensity physical activity on most days of the week.”  Moms don’t have to wait till baby has arrived to begin an exercise program!  Focusing on movement prior to giving birth can help promote positive mental health effects.
– “Exercise could provide a reason for engaging with others and, as part of this, intervention participants might be encouraged to find social support, and to ask friends and/or family for support.”  Our Dumbbells and Diapers program allows Moms to bring their babies along while they workout which helps promote connection with one another while also engaging in a fitness activity.
– “Our study provides support for the recommendation to advise pregnant women and new mothers to engage in exercise programs as an effective and safe strategy to achieve better psychological well-being and to avoid postpartum depressive symptoms.”  Moms…for improved mental health, consider exercise!

In summary, Get Action!

We have a new program offering, Dumbbells and Diapers, which welcomes Moms and their babies, ages 6 weeks to 6 months old (older is allowed as long as baby isn’t mobile yet!) to come workout.  Mom can bring the baby or not!  The workouts involve some light strength training with incorporation of some light cardio.  

Starting is easy and begins with scheduling your No Sweat Intro today:

We’d love to help you Get Action!

Your friend in wellness and fitness,

Coach Candice