Client Win! Jill’s Rope Climb!

Back in the summer, Jill highlighted a rope climb being one of her goals.  She set a date of October 10th.  This date is special to her because it is the date that she received her kidney transplant. 

With goal in mind, she went to work.  

We broke down her goal into pieces and skills that we could work on in the upcoming weeks and months.  

Tough circumstance being…October 10th came and she couldn’t quite do it.  Every week she was closer and closer, but just not quite there.

Naturally, she was slightly disappointed.  As Coaches, we felt for her too.  We knew how much this meant.

This was an opportunity to remind ourselves of how no matter what goal we set, we have no control over when it comes to fruition (the outcome), but we have control over the process.

Each week, she was better and better.  She was growing stronger…it was only a matter of time.  

The only sure-fire way to ensure she didn’t accomplish her goal of a rope climb, was to quit working on it.  

And she did keep working on it.

Low and behold on October 31st, she did it!!

The next challenge was, as Coaches, we aren’t great videographers!

We finally managed to get a great video this past week!

Our clients’ goals are our goals and we love helping them accomplish them!

The best way to accomplish those goals is through Individualized Programming or Personal Training.

It all starts with a free consultation!  Schedule your No Sweat Intro by using our link!

Don’t stress about not knowing how to get to your end goal.  

We help you break it down into manageable milestones along the way ; )

Your friend in health and fitness,

Coach Candice